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General Information

About Singapore

We are a city fuelled by passion and pride. Around every corner, incredible experiences are being crafted, cooked, painted, designed, grown or built by locals who share a common trait: passion. Like them, you’ll be empowered to do what you love in this city of limitless possibilities
—whether you’re a foodie, explorer, collector, socialiser, action seeker or culture shaper.
The story of Singapore is one of trials, tribulations and triumphs. In a short span of just over 50 years, we have evolved from a colony to a city-state with our own unique identity, forged by a spirit of never settling. And it’s this spirit that’s imbued into the architectural wonders, lush parks, proud heritage, world-class attractions and amazing food of the cosmopolitan metropolis you see today. Click here to learn more!


Although Singapore is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Singapore is from December to June. The months of February to April fall within Singapore’s dry season and is typically when the country has the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine. Singapore has fairly consistent weather and welcoming enough for travelers all year round for sightseeing. However, if you wish to avoid any crowds flocking the places, the best time to visit Singapore is from July to November.

Places of Interest

Whether you’re a nature lover, culture buff, thrill-seekeror cocktail enthusiast, Singapore has a wide selectionof leisure offerings within easy reach.
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Entering Singapore

To ensure a smooth journey, all travellers seeking to enter Singapore should comply with the Entry and Public Health requirements. Please find more details here.
NOTE: Please produce an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever , if you have visited any country at risk of Yellow Fever transmission in the six (6) days prior to arrival in Singapore.

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